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There is nothing cheap at Halifax Minibus, other than the price of course. We don’t cut corners either, we aren’t some fly by night company trying to make a fast buck, we are a long-established Halifax company, known for reliability and the quality of the transport we provide. We understand that people don’t always have large amounts of money with which to pay for their transport, so we try to keep costs to a minimum and make sure that we remain competitive, whilst offering a much better overall experience. Minibuses are a great way to travel and to save money in the process. Train fares don’t get any cheaper and inter-city travel, in particular, can be mind-numbingly expensive. By the time you have calculated the cost of each person return fare, you are likely to find that a minibus is the cheapest option. Remember also that your rail fare will get you to the station, you might then have several taxi fares on top of that. With a Minibus booking, it’s all included, a door to door service, no need for any additional travel costs and no special events spoiled by cancelled or late trains. You get the benefit of our driver too, who most likely knows the place you are travelling to and can get you there quickly, avoiding any traffic delays on the way by making use of their extensive knowledge of the road network, short-cuts, rat-runs etc. To get an idea of how cheap our minibuses are to hire, play with the Halifax Minibus online quote generator. Choose your vehicle, complete the information requested and within a few seconds, you will know exactly how much your Minibus will cost. What could be simpler? No nastily surprises, no hidden costs or added extras, booking with Halifax Minibus is straightforward and transparent right from the off.


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