At Halifax Minibus we can help put the finishing touches to your wedding preparations by providing transport, not just for the bride and groom, but for the entire wedding party if need be. It maybe that the ceremony is taking place some distance away from the location of the wedding reception. Having a coach on hand means people can leave their own cars in secure parking overnight, or even travel to the wedding ceremony by train. Halifax Minibus will transport the whole party to the reception. Our drivers are more than familiar with all the places of worship and Registry Offices in the area and the routes from them to hotels, restaurants and other places catering for weddings. In Halifax, there are some great locations to hold weddings. The Imperial Crown Hotel is part of the Corus Group and is situated close to the Minister on Horton Street in the town centre. It has great facilities, including a function room and accommodation for guests. Holds worth House is a luxury hotel and restaurant just outside the town. The team there will go out of the way to make sure your special day is truly something to remember; they have a bridal suite too! Or what about The New Hobbit, a small chic hotel and restaurant on the moors above Sowerby Bridge.

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