Minibus Hire With Driver

Halifax Minibus will lease you a vehicle for you to drive yourself. However, we recommend, and it won’t cost you much more, that you hire one of our drivers. Driving a minibus is a big responsibility; the safety of its occupants will be entirely in you hands. Unless you are used to driving these vehicles that will be strange to you and it could be that your journey takes you outside the locality you are familiar with. Another good reason for hiring a driver is to free yourself and anyone else in your group of having to drive, particularly if you are hiring the minibus for a day or evening out. If you are going to a restaurant, visiting bars or clubbing, perhaps on a hen or stag night, having one of our drivers on hand means that no one has to refrain from drinking alcohol. Furthermore, our driver will help to make sure everyone gets home safely. Your driver will wait with the minibus as near to your last venue of the night as possible, there will be no need for you to wait in potentially fractious taxi cues. If you are on a shopping day with the girls, you want to wear yourself out visiting all the outlets and getting plenty of retail therapy. You don’t want your day to be marred by the fact that you can’t enjoy that final glass of bubbly with your friends because you are the one who has to drive the minibus home. If you are touring or travelling a long distance, driving all the time isn’t just tiring, it’s also boring, so why not leave it to the professionals? Our drivers hold all appropriate licenses pertaining to the vehicle you have hired and they undergo recognised training. They know the roads in and around Halifax and further afield. From picking you up to drop off they will offer your party their vast knowledge and experience of minibus driving and will make sure you all have a fantastic day out.

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