33 Seater Bus Hire

These buses present customers of Halifax Minibus with a very versatile solution to their travel needs. These buses are not only highly suitable for taking groups of 30 or more on trips locally, they are also designed for speed, comfort and economy over longer distances, so they make good touring coaches . These vehicles are booked regularly by many different types of customer. Schools often find that a 33 seater is big enough for their requirements. The reasons for booking include geography field trips, theatre visits, and exchange visits on the continent. Large families often book these buses when they need to travel to a family wedding or special party; it certainly beats public transport because apart from potential delays and other problems, when the individual cost of public transport for each person is calculated, it can easily come to more than the cost of the bus. Corporate customers use 33 seaters to convey their staff to trade fairs and exhibitions and save a fortune in train fairs in the process. We find that Birmingham NEC and London’s Excel are popular destinations. At Halifax Minibus we charge based on the mileage covered by your chosen vehicle. Contact us today, so we can put a really affordable package together for you on a 33 seater. 

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