Minibus and Coach Hire Prices

By using the quote generator on the Halifax Minibus site you can find out how much it costs to hire any one of our vehicles. However, it helps if you also know a little about how our pricing structure works. You select your Minibus or coach and we charge you for the number of miles travelled. The cost of the actual coach and where the requested driver, is built into the mileage rate. Obviously, the mileage rate for an 8 seater Minibus is going to be much lower than for a 72 seater luxury coach. The laws of supply and demand operate in the transport hire industry just like they do in other sectors of the economy. Simply put, the more the demand for something, the more expensive it’s going to be. If we look at our business, we’d a lot of business with School runs, this is a busy time for us so hiring a minibus between 7.30am and 10.00am is likely to cost slightly more than taking an 11.00am to 2.00pm slot. If you want the cheaper mileage rate, and it is not inconvenient for you to travel at this time, you can save money. You are more likely to have a larger selection of vehicles to choose from too. Similarly with our coaches. The last couple of weeks of the school year is traditionally when schools arrange their annual outings for pupils and that is reflected in a slightly increased mileage cost on our coaches. It’s also coming up to the time when tour operators want to hire our vehicles to run the trip, weekends away and full week holidays to seaside destinations. Hiring a coach during the summer months is goi g to be dealer than waiting until schools open again in September.

When you are thinking about minibus or coach hire, just consider who else might want one at the same time and take a look at whether there are any major festivals or events going on in the area.


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